100th "Hybrid" Ambulance For Ambulance Victoria

This hybrid version is now the standard throughout Victoria for both Metropolitan and Rural regions combining the best aspects from both earlier regional ambulance versions and at the same time incorporating new systems and products within the design. This has enabled a “one designed” platform that provides a great cost outcome, a quality work environment for paramedics and their patients at any location within Victoria and one which will continue to serve the Service well into the future.

In conjunction with Ambulance Victoria, this latest built ambulance by Mader International has been given an overhaul of the electric systems and electronic equipment to incorporate latest technologies and products which is aimed at providing a much better product from a durability and maintenance point of view whilst also looking at increasing the safety aspect of the operating vehicle. The system now incorporates items like additional Mega Fuses throughout which provide an elevated protection of systems should they be damaged through accidents or the similar plus the latest technology in cable sleeving which is wear and fire resistant. Along with high visibility routing of wiring and better location of equipment it makes ongoing maintenance of the product superior.

At the same time, major progress on the use of internal and external LED lighting has been instigated which significantly reduces the load on the main and auxiliary electric systems which saves duress on the systems and also allows ample available power to the ever increasing communication systems being integrated by Ambulance Victoria into the vehicle.

Mader international is committed to low cost and innovative outcomes. Achieving the best outcomes in a timely and expedient manner is gained by working closely with our end users to assist with the ever changing demands on their ambulance officers and work platforms.