Ambulance Victoria and Mader Partnership Continues!

The first of the Contracts awarded was for the manufacture and fit out of Sprinter ambulances.

Mader have successfully supplied front line ambulances for Victoria now for over 22 years!! And if the current contract runs its full term with Mader supplying product, we will be closing in on 25 years. Mader are pleased to be involved in this continual development of product to meet the ever changing demands of such an important community service that the Ambulance Service and their Paramedics provide. The initiatives developed to date, place the Ambulance Service at the world leading edge of ambulance vehicles.

Our manufacturing and fit out teams are extremely proud to have been given the new contract and see this as support from Ambulance Victoria acknowledging their commitment to timely delivery and quality of the product from their skills in a very competitive environment.

 The second contract is to continue to provide the mobile service and repair teams that delivers through four specific built vehicles on the road and operated by fully qualified Mader mechanics.

Mader were involved with developing this service with Ambulance Victoria over 18 years ago and we have delivered this continually to them since. Dealing initially with the Ford/ GMC modular ambulances, again the service and provision of the 24/7service by Mader has had to adjust and continue to streamline to meet the modern day demands and the product changes within Ambulance Victoria fleet. The new contract will ensure that Mader will continue into the future to develop and provide timely service to meet the demands of Ambulance Victoria. 

Mader International would like to thank Ambulance Victoria for their continual support in this demanding industry and are very proud to be associated with them.