Ambulance Victoria - Emergency Response and Non-Emergency Response Fleet

Mader International is proud to be contracted to Ambulance Victoria to provide commissioning and decommissioning services of their extensive Emergency Response and Non-Emergency Response fleet throughout Victoria that complement the primary response Sprinter ambulance fleet.

A continuous program is in place to keep the fleet upgraded and modernised with new vehicles and along with this a full decommissioning and parts assessment of retired vehicles is included. Engineered and modified components along with modular electrical wiring systems ensure minimal impact to the new base vehicle to maximise value of the vehicle once its term with AV is completed.

The broad, flexible work required to be undertaken by AV with this section of their fleet means various makes and models of base vehicles. Pictured below is a recently completed and commissioned Holden Station Wagon Clinic Transport Unit, and also a Toyota Prius Wagon Clinic Transport Unit (one of four recently completed) from our Somerton, Victoria factory.