Congratulations to our group of Mader employees who have 15+ years of service clocked up and who have stuck with us through thick and thin over our Company’s 28 years of building ambulances and special vehicles of all types. Currently we have 5 employees within this category and the achievement through this generation of constant change is very admirable indeed.


John Cruse – Production Manager (Photo Unavailable)

Wayne Fisher – Assembly Line Manager

Tim Young – Production Support

Chris Johnson – Auto Electrician Leading Hand

Tony Palmer – Metal Fabrication Leading Hand


Another group of special employees, are those well on their way to attaining the 15+ year milestone and are worthy of recognition, as having 10+ years service at Mader.


Matthew Taylor – Procurement and Logistics Manager

Ann Eustace – Accounts/Office Manager

Marcus Diprose – Assembly Leading Hand

Shaun Pugh – Auto Electrician Adult Apprentice

Kurt Carey – Special Vehicle Leading Hand



Mader International take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the above and we are very proud of their achievements to date and are looking forward continuing to build and grow into the future with them and their families and colleagues.

Ann Eustace

Chris Johnson

Kurt Carey

Marcus Diprose

Shaun Pugh

Mathew Taylor

Tony Palmer

Tim Young

Wayne Fisher