Green Cross Project Inc.

Green Cross Project Inc. (ABN 28 596 233 099) is a public benefit charity founded by members of the Victorian Commandery of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem. It works to provide a health management service to meet the needs of homeless, disadvantaged, and marginalised young and adult members in the community in relation to health maintenance, disease prevention, primary care and support of the highest standards, which, with Christian values of compassion, justice, honesty, equality and benevolence, recognise the needs and rights of the individual regardless of race, creed, and social standing. Green Cross Project Inc. works with CoHealth by providing vehicles, converted to mobile clinics, to serve the needy in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. Green Cross Outreach Bus GCOB-2 is a new vehicle, converted by Mader International, to go into service in July 2015.