5th Mobile Service Group (MSG) Vehicle

Mader supply dedicated MSG vehicles and manage the delivery of 32 hours per day of combined service time, 7 days a week between 0700 hours and 0000 hours including a Stand-by Call Out Service between 0000 & 0600am and all year round to Ambulance Victoria. This involved a fleet of 4 vehicles in the past but due to the ever increasing availability requirements and to ensure the coverage is maintained at the highest level, the 5th vehicle has been insigated to ease the pressure on the vehicle fleet.

Mader have provided this uninterrupted service since 1998. Mader is extremely proud and grateful to Ambulance Victoria and all the people involved to enable us to approach a 15 year milestone. An oustanding achievement to all involved.

For details pertaining to this service which is provided by Mader please refer to our Emergency Services Fleet Support page.