Ricon Chairlifers and Unwin Restraint Systems

Ricon are recognized as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of chair-lifters for all types of vehicles. Their products are designed to work seamlessly with Unwin safety systems, providing a functional and safe method of transporting people with disabilities.

As a major manufacturing enterprise specializing in ambulances and special vehicles, Mader International has the staff, expertise and equipment to fit, transfer and service all Ricon and Unwin’s products. Installation is carried out in our premises at Penguin Tasmania, however we provide an after-sales service in all major regional centers in Tasmania.

Mader International are experienced not only in the installation of chair-lifters, but also in the fitting of relocatable and/or additional seating, upholstery trimming, raising roofs and fitting floors. All of our work complies with Australian Design Rules and relevant Australian Standards.